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Date featured

Speakeasy Campaign Free information pack from Action on Hearing Loss supporting the Speakeasy Campaign to get restaurants to turn down background noise 4 December 2016
Signworld Complete online resource for learning and teaching British Sign Language 28 November 2016
Ava App which streams live conversation to smart phones allowing speech to be read in real-time on-screen 7 November 2016
Live Caption Voice recognition software app which translates speech in live-time into text to read on a phone/device screen 31 October 2016
Tinnitracks New web application and app which helps filter and fine tune your favourite music 24 October 2016
Sky TV Sky commits to providing subtitles on at least 80% of its on-demand content 17 October 2016
Specsavers free hearing test app Free app to check hearing, get information on hearing loss, and book an appointment at the nearest Specsavers store 10 October 2016
Access to Work Free government funding for equipment and support to both find and help stay in a job for people with hearing loss 3 October 2016
Google Hangouts Send free video call, phone or text messages to friends and family using any make of phone, tablet, laptop or desktop 29 August 2016
#SubtitleIt Campaign by Action on Hearing Loss to get more subtitles on TV, box sets and on-demand 15 August 2016
Speak Easy campaign Action on Hearing Loss campaign to get the catering industry to reduce noise in restaurants 25 July 2016 Website with listings for all cinemas showing films with subtitles 27 June 2016
Connevans Products and equipment for hard-of-hearing and deaf people 13 June 2016
Pipedown Campaign to stop piped music in restaurants and public places 6 June 2016
Sky TV Opportunity to sign up to participate in Sky TV's technical trials to introduce subtitles to 100% of its on-demand content 30 May 2016
EU Referendum Explanation of the EU to help understand how to vote in the Referendum - includes subtitles and BSL 23 May 2016
Accessible Cinema Facebook campaign and latest information on cinemas showing films with subtitles 16 May 2016
Lipreadingpractice Practice how to lip-read with these free online exercises 2 May 2016
FutureLearn Free online courses including Catalan - learn to speak with your hands and hear with your eyes 25 April 2016
Action on Hearing Loss shop Advice and a wide range of equipment to help manage your hearing loss 18 April 2016
Goshawk Speech Platform New technology allowing people with hearing loss to personalise their phone calls to their unique hearing loss 11 April 2016
Rogerpen Wireless microphone for noisy situations, bluetooth, TV and multimedia 4 April 2016
Oovoo Free video chat and instant messaging with up to 10 friends for any device and Facebook 21 March 2016
VoxSciences App which converts voicemail messages and sends them as texts to your phone 14 March 2016
Pipedown The campaign for freedom from piped music in public places 7 March 2016
How does hearing loss happen? Youtube video explaining how the 3 different types of hearing loss happen - sensorineural, conductive and mixed (sensorineural and conductive) 29 February 2016
NHS 111 BSL Video service allowing people with hearing loss to call NHS 111 service for non-emergency health information via British Sign Language interpreters 22 February 2016
UK Health Professionals with Hearing Loss Network of d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing health professionals sharing information and support 15 February 2016
Rogervoice App which enables hard-of-hearing and deaf to use smart phones to make phonecalls including showing live-time transcriptions of conversations on phone screen 1 February 2016
Your Hearing - Your Life Free guide on how to communicate effectively for people with hearing loss (produced by Hearing Link and BT) 25 January 2016
Hard of Hearing UK Facebook page to chat online with other people who are hard-of-hearing, deaf or deafened, about communication difficulties 11 January 2016
Hearing Health & Technology Matters Latest information on technology for hearing loss 4 January 2016 World's largest website providing information on hearing, hearing loss and tinnitus 13 December 2015
Bringsoundtolife Website dedicated to teenagers providing information on technology and real-life stories to help them connect with friends and family and enjoy music and sport 7 December 2015
Patient Access Free app to contact your local GP - book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, send secure messages - 24 hours a day. For Android and IOS 30 November 2015
Living with Hearing Loss Practical guide to daily living aimed at the newcomer to hearing loss as well as someone with long-term hearing loss - written by Katherine Bouton 23 November 2015
Guide to Accessible Theatre in UK Guide produced by AgeUK on theatres which provide hearing loops for customers who are hard-of-hearing 9 November 2015
Hearing Loop Awareness Week The largest survey of hearing loops ever undertaken in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Run by Hearing Link from 2-7 November 2015 2 November 2015
Who Lets The Dogs In Campaign by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to educate business owners to ensure they allow hearing dogs into their premises 25 October 2015
stopchanges2ATW Survey protesting about the changes and funding cuts to Access to Work 18 October 2015
#SubtitleIt Latest news on Action on Hearing Loss's campaign to get subtitles included as standard on all TV, on-demand, catch-up TV and all box sets 11 October 2015
Louder Than Words Action on Hearing Loss's nationally recognised accreditation for businesses achieving excellent customer service and accessibility for people who are hard-of-hearing or deaf 7 September 2015
Action Deafness Bespoke BSL and communication services, support, training, resources and community engagement 31 August 2015
Glide Instant live video messaging app transforming communication for people with hearing loss 24 August 2015
Spread The Sign International teaching aid with signs for 18 different countries and languages. Invites readers to add languages for more countries by contacting 17 August 2015
Community Support Volunteers - Hearing Link Practical advice, support and information on all aspects of hearing loss by email, letter and home visits by volunteers 10 August 2015
Pardon? Communication for all Facebook community for anyone who is deaf, deafened, hard-of-hearing or deaf-blind. Includes section on employment and hearing loss 27 July 2015
NRASS (North Regional Association for Sensory Support) Free advocacy and support services for anyone in the North East with hearing or sight loss (includes making phone calls, form-filling, letter-writing and dealing with issues such as housing, tax, maternity, universal credit, health, employment, etc.) 20 July 2015
DeafATW Free information on the Access to Work process including guidance on how to understand and challenge ATW decision 29th June 2015
Equality Advisory Support Service Free advice on discrimination and human rights issues. Providing free BSL, telephone and text advice for deaf and hard-of-hearing people in partnership with the Royal Association for the Deaf 22nd June 2015
SubtitleIt! New Action on Hearing Loss campaign to get subtitles included on all catch-up, on-demand TV and boxed sets 1 June 2015
HMRC How to contact HMRC including textphone details, BSL video guides, how to arrange a face-to-face interview or appoint an interpreter or advocate 25th May 2015
Attitude is Everything Mystery shopper opportunity offering free tickets to gigs in return for information on how deaf people experience the live music scene in the North East 18th May 2015
Deaf badges Websites selling badges with a variety of messages relating to deafness and hearing loss 11th May 2015
Deaf Awareness Week 4-10th May 2015 4th May 2015
Atla Association of Teaching Lipreading to Adults - find a lip-reading class near you 20th April 2015
Access to Work Grants for practical support to help people with disabilities to start work, stay in work or start their own business 13th April 2015
Let's Loop the UK Hearing Link's campaign to improve access to hearing loop provision across the UK 6th April 2015
Tubetastic Pimps Coloured tubing and charms to decorate hearing aids and cochlear implants 30th March 2015
Connevans The UK's most comprehensive online shop for deaf and hard-of-hearing people 23rd March 2015
Emergency SMS Service allowing deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech-impaired people to send an SMS text message to the UK 999 emergency service where it will be passed to police, ambulance, fire rescue or coastguard who will then reply by text 16th March 2015
The Hearing Fund UK Charity run by pop group "The Osmonds" family and friends to raise awareness of and help fund-raise for deaf children in the UK 1st March 2015
Next Generation Text Relay (NGTR) Telephone operator service relaying phone calls between hard-of-hearing and other users by typing the speech elements of conversation 23rd February 2015
Locate and Rate hearing services Action on Hearing Loss free service to find and rate local hearing services, private or NHS 16th February 2015
Project Noah Inclusive app for deaf and hard-of-hearing young people (relying entirely on images and text communication) allowing them to upload photos of plants and wildlife in their area to create a map of the natural world and contribute to scientific research in the process 9th February 2015
Tinnitus Awareness Week 2-7 February 2015 Information and help about tinnitus 2 February 2015
Musixmatch World's largest library with lyrics for over 7 million songs and Youtube videos 26 January 2015
Signed Stories Children's books and stories accessible in British Sign Language, animation, pictures, text and sound 15 December 2014
What did you say? Book by Monique Hammond talking about coping with and adapting to sudden hearing loss 8 December 2014
Transcense First mobile app which connects to the smart-phones in a room and transcribes group conversations in real-time 1 December 2014
Motorway Safety and Advice Hants Police video provides subtitled and BSL advice for people with hearing loss on road safety, coping with a car breakdown on the motorway and using motorway telephones to call for help 24 November 2014
VoxSciences New app which transcribes telephone voice messages into text messages 17 November 2014
Sign It Lite Free app of user-friendly British Sign Language (BSL) dictionary containing video clips of more than 700 common BSL signs/words 10 November 2014
The Future of Subtitling Conference Run by Action on Hearing Loss, this Conference held in London on 10.11.14 offers the latest information on subtitling technology with a chance to put questions to broadcasters and industry experts 3 November 2014
Rogervoice The first worldwide app which translates phone conversations into text to be read onscreen (phone, tablet, PC) 27 October 2014
The Ear Foundation 2014 Impact of Hearing Loss Report on the estimated cost of deafness and hearing loss in the UK: 30 billion 20 October 2014
Your Local Cinema Weekly listings of subtitled films provided at cinemas across the UK for people with hearing or sight loss 13 October 2014
Starkey Hearing Foundation International charity providing free hearing assessments and 1 million free hearing aids to those in need around the world through their "So the World Can Hear" campaign 6 October 2014
121 Captions Bridging the gap between the hearing and deaf communities by providing communication support, captions and remote speech-to-text live 29 September 2014
Hearing Link Free intensive workshops for people with hearing loss and their families. Covering a range of subjects including lipreading, relaxation, coping skills, communication skills, family relationships, balance, cochlear implants, employment, equipment and support services 22 September 2014
Action on Hearing Loss UK's largest charity supporting people who are hard of hearing, deaf or experience tinnitus 15 September 2014
Pimp my hearing aids Facebook page with lots of ideas on how to decorate and accessorise your hearing aid and cochlear implant. Particularly useful for adults and to encourage small children to wear their aids or CIs 8 September 2014
The Stanford Initiative to Cure Hearing Loss (SICHL) Fascinating subtitled presentation about how and why hearing loss occurs, the latest research by a worldwide team of experts devoted to finding a cure for hearing loss and how modern technology can transform the lives of those with hearing loss now and in the future 1 September 2014