Coping with hearing loss in a hearing world



Sound Off definition:

  • to express opinions forcefully
  • to speak something loudly
  • to complain about something
  • when sound is distorted
  • when something seems unfair or untrue
  • sound is turned off (silence)

Soundz Off vision

                    To bring together in one place all the information you need to manage your hearing loss

Hearing loss is not just a matter of reduced volume. This can be the case with the minority of people with hearing loss but the majority experience something much more complicated.  Most hard-of-hearing (HoH) people hear at reduced volume but the main problem is that the sounds are distorted.

So even when someone is wearing hearing aids, donít think that we can hear normally Ė we can't. The technology that would give most HoH people almost normal hearing does not exist.  Hearing aids do not give us anything like normal hearing - they only help to make sounds louder but do not correct the distortion.  They make unwanted (background) sounds uncomfortably loud and have an unnatural quality of sound which adds even more to the distortion.

So most HoH people adopt many different coping strategies to live with hearing loss in a hearing world.  We use BOTH hearing AND lip-reading.  We cannot ONLY hear and we cannot ONLY lip-read but use both simultaneously, along with other visual clues and a lot of guesswork!

Hearing loss can sometimes result in loss of confidence and isolation so Soundz Off was created to help the HoH community get together to share knowledge and experiences and to raise awareness in the general public about the difficulties faced by people with hearing loss. We want those with hearing loss to learn how to support themselves with confidence and to join us in a campaign to de-stigmatise hearing loss and make hearing aids something that we can all be proud to wear.

The best way you can help us (and yourselves if you want to communicate more effectively with us) is to get to know about our particular hearing challenges and ask us what you can do to help us hear you.

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