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British Sign Language is the first or preferred language of some deaf people in the UK.  There are 125,000 deaf adults in the UK who use BSL plus an estimated 20,000 children. In 2011 15,000 people living in England and Wales reported themselves using BSL as their main language.  This rich language involves movement of the hands, body, face and head.  Many thousands of people who are not deaf also use BSL as a way of communicating with relatives, friends, sign language interpreters or as a result of other contact with others in the deaf community.

There are many ways to learn finger-spelling, BSL or Makaton - online or by attending locally run groups.  Learning any of these skills can help make life easier.

There is a huge amount of information already out there to help you and we constantly update our list to bring you links to the latest information, equipment and news about all things hard of hearing (HoH). We hope you find the Directory useful and if you have any useful links that you'd like us to add, please contact us.

Name of organisation (Click to open in new window) Overview
British-Sign Company What is British Sign Language?
British Sign Language What BSL is and how to learn it
Cbeebies Games, songs and stories supported by the Makaton sign and symbol system for young children
Cued Speech Uses eight hand-shapes in four positions near the mouth to clarify the lip positions of normal speech


Language programme using signs and symbols to help people communicate
SignPost Producing British sign-language translated television programmes for ITV and other commercial broadcasters
Sign Station Free website for people who want to learn more about BSL and deaf people
Sign Solutions Specialists in BSL courses, BSL interpreting, sign language and deaf awareness training, e-learning, BSL apps, legal services, expert witness, face-to-face spoken language translation, telephone and video interpreting
Sign World Resources for learning and teaching BSL
Videojug Online videos demonstrating the essentials of signing