Coping with hearing loss in a hearing world


There are many different types and causes of hearing loss but, for most of us, hearing loss creeps up on us gradually and it can take up to ten years before we actually do anything about seeking the help we need (‘Action on Hearing Loss’).  Other people also find it difficult to understand why we can't hear properly - this video: Are you Listening? shows how communication problems can develop but also how we can do something positive to resolve them.

Every day, millions of people are going through the above process. Some people go through it faster than others, some get stuck at one particular stage and don’t know how to move forward, others become pioneers and champions for hearing loss. However, we can all learn how to help ourselves by investigating and experimenting with new equipment and types of support, discover what else is out there to help us, chat to others in the same situation, marvel at success stories, pimp our hearing aids and get together to campaign for equal treatment ... the list is endless. 

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