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Research into hearing loss is increasing as companies and organisations realise there is a massive worldwide market for improvements in hearing loss technology - 360 million people.  We are also encouraged by the team at Stanford University in California which is dedicated to finding a biological cure and hope to bring you the latest updates in research into hearing loss on our Soundz Off Facebook page

There is a huge amount of information already out there to help you and we constantly update our list to bring you links to the latest information, equipment and news about all things hard of hearing (HoH). We hope you find the Directory useful and if you have any useful links that you'd like us to add, please contact us.

Name of organisation (Click to open in new window) Overview
Cochlear implants Research into use of cochlear implants to re-grow auditory nerve cells
Deafness UK (merged with Action of Hearing Loss) Raising the profile of biomedical research into hearing loss
Ear hair cell regeneration Harvard University regenerate sound-sensing ear cells in mice
Ear Foundation Research report into the real cost of adult hearing loss
Hearing in middle age Population snapshot of 40-to-69 year-olds in the UK 10% of adults have hearing loss but only 2% wear hearing aids
Hearing Health Foundation Largest private funder of hearing research with a mission to prevent and cure hearing loss and tinnitus through groundbreaking research
James Lind Alliance Non-profit making initiative carrying out survey and gathering research to identify top 10 unanswered questions about mild-moderate hearing loss

Medical News Today

Latest hearing deaf/hard of hearing news published daily
Research and Markets: Audiological Devices 2014 - Global Strategic Business Report Hearing aids, cochlear implants and measurement/testing devices. Analytics for USA, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America from 2013-2020
ScienceDaily Latest hearing news from America
Scripps Research Institute World's largest non-profit, private research organisation carrying out research into deafness and hearing loss

Stanford Initiative to Cure Hearing Loss (SICHL)

Multi-disciplinary research team at Stanford University dedicated to finding a biological cure for hearing loss
Tinnitus Latest research from American Tinnitus Association
University of Manchester Audiology and deafness research projects

Unlimited Potential

Report into hearing loss at work by Action on Hearing Loss