Coping with hearing loss in a hearing world

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There are events taking place all over the UK for people who are hard-of-hearing.  We are unable to list them all but if you know of any  organisation which regularly provides events of this type, please let us know and we will start up a list by region.

There is a huge amount of information already out there to help you and we constantly update our list to bring you links to the latest information, equipment and news about all things hard of hearing (HoH). We hope you find the Directory useful and if you have any useful links that you'd like us to add, please contact us.

Name of organisation (Click to open in new window) Overview
Bionic Ear Show Interactive education show which tells the story of sound as it travels through the ear to the brain
Deaf Pubs Information about deaf events locally and nationally
Dining in the Dark Dans Le Noir restaurant in London where diners eat and drink in pitch darkness to help change perspectives on life and disability. Blind guides provide help with menu choices
Future of Subtitling Conference Event on 10.11.14 run by Action on Hearing Loss which brings together broadcasters, TV regulators and subtitling providers to discuss the latest initiatives and technology to increase subtitling on live and catch-up media
Sencity Music events and cruises around the world. Dance parties with SenseFloor, aroma jockeys, video projections, light effects, sign interpreters and hairdressers
Sign2Sing Week-long annual attempt to break the world record for the largest number of people signing and using sign language (run by charity SignHealth)
SPIT Signed performance in theatre
Theatre Sign Sign-language interpreted theatre performances in London and the Regions