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Welcome to our Soundz Off blog page.

We're fascinated by all things "hard of hearing" and are always on the look out for new ideas and information about organisations, people or equipment that can make a real difference to our lives.

Hearing loss finally seems to be getting the serious attention in the media - and in the public consciousness - that it deserves so we want to shout out about the latest news and successes that will get HoH issues into the limelight.

There's a lot of work going on in the world of research and new ideas for hearing aids and new equipment being launched all the time so have fun exploring our Directory section. We hope you find something that really helps and please tell us about any exciting new products you think we should include.


We'd love you to join in our conversations and sound off about all things hard-of-hearing so if you fancy a chat, please say hi!

We look forward to talking to you!

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