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This page is for accessories which improve the appearance of hearing aids to make them more attractive and fashionable and for other items designed to make life easier for those of us with hearing loss.  Accessories to improve the performance or functionality of hearing aids are listed in the Equipment section.

There is a huge amount of information already out there to help you and we constantly update our list to bring you links to the latest information, equipment and news about all things hard of hearing (HoH). We hope you find the Directory useful and if you have any useful links that you'd like us to add, please contact us.

Name of organisation (Click to open in new window) Overview
Audicus Blog - funky new hearing aid designs
Aqua Case Waterproof case for cochlear implants for use in dusty environments and active lifestyle activities eg running, swimming, skiing, mountain biking, snorkelling etc
Badges Range of deaf buttons, pins and badges to improve communication
Build-a-Bear Hearing aids for Build-a-Bear teddies
Hayleigh's Cherished Charms Hearing aid jewellery, charms, scrunchies and tube twists
The Hearclip Fashionable alternative safety clips for bone anchored hearing aids (BAHAs)
Hearrings Turning hearing aids from a necessity to a must-have accessory
Lotties Loops Hearing Aid Decorations and Charms Choice of charms and accessories for hearing aids
Ownphones 3-D printed wireless ear buds custom-fit to ears for improved sound and comfort
Pimp my Hearing Aid Ideas and guidance on decorating hearing aids and cochlear implants for adults and children
Rainbow Tubes Hand-coloured tubing made to order for hearing aids with video instructions
Tubetastic Pimps Tubetastic and Dangletastic pimps - accessories to customise hearing aids and cochlear implants