Coping with hearing loss in a hearing world




“Nobody ever told me how to cope with my hearing loss, so if this site can save anyone from going through the years of confusion and struggles I’ve been through, then this website will have done its job.

To anyone with hearing loss I encourage you to use this site to find out everything you can about your own type of hearing loss, to challenge the status quo when it comes to treatment and support, to shout loudly to get the help you need and to embrace your hearing loss as part of who you are”

Tania Le Marinel




A special thank-you to Tabitha whose enthusiasm and support played a big part in helping this site move from dream to reality


About Us

Welcome to Soundz Off!

The idea for Soundz Off has been bouncing around in my head for years. After more than twenty years’ personal experience of struggling with hearing loss, I’ve learned there’s actually a lot of information and support available to help people who are hard-of-hearing but nobody ever tells you where it is. Many people never actually find that information and can end up feeling alone and isolated.

More than 10 million people in the UK have hearing loss yet it still remains a hidden ‘disability’. Many people still feel that hearing loss is something to be ashamed or embarrassed about and it can take up to 10 years for some-one to finally visit a GP and get access to the information they need. Almost two million people would benefit from wearing hearing aids but still don’t seek help - they continue to struggle with isolation, communication barriers and lack of understanding from people in the hearing world.

But it doesn’t need to be like this!

Soundz Off’s vision is to make it easy for people with hearing loss to find the help they need – we aim to bring together, in one place, a directory of organisations and support that already exists, signposting you to the answers you need and saving you a lot of hard work at the same time.

Being diagnosed with hearing loss changes your world for ever – but you’re not alone! 360 million of us worldwide are constantly learning how to deal with hearing loss so, whether you need information, ideas, advice and guidance or just want to get together with other hard-of-hearing (HoH) people to share stories and experiences, this is the place for you!

We’re not experts and don't have all the information … we’re just determined that nobody with hearing loss should ever be left to struggle alone. There’s a huge amount of work being done to support people with hearing loss and we want to bring that community together, challenge the stigma of hearing loss and share our knowledge with you so that everyone benefits.

We are all unique, talented, amazing people (just with ears which don’t happen to work properly). This site is dedicated to you and I hope you find the information, support and friends to make your own personal hearing loss journey one of discovery and friendship.

I hope you will share your experiences with us and invite the hearing community to join with us to learn how to better support and communicate with people who have hearing loss and make this website a truly useful resource for everyone.

Tania Le Marinel